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Storytelling for Startups

The book that shows you how to tell great stories

To engage, educate and entertain consumers, the time is now for startups to become storytellers.

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Storytelling for Startups

What You’ll Learn About Storytelling

The benefits of storytelling

Learn how storytelling can drive your business forward

How to create effective messaging

Establish your “core story” to establish a solid foundation

The keys to talking and listening to customers

Get more insight into your customers’ needs and interests

How to discover your target audiences

The stories they like to hear, and where to tell them.

How to identify your key storytellers

Get a better idea at the different kind of storytellers

The best ways to develop your own stories

Best practices, case studies and tools for a variety of channels

What People Are Saying

Lee LeFever, Common Craft

Lee LeFever, Common Craft

Great storytelling doesn't just happen. It's a skill and a strategy with amazing power when it's used effectively. This book provides startups with an approach to storytelling with intention and purpose.

Kelly Norgate, Marketing Consultant

Kelly Norgate, Marketing Consultant

Sometimes, I purchase multiple copies of a book I think will make a great gift for my team. “The Art of Story Telling” is one such book. Mark Evans offers a book so helpful, practical and grounded in relatable, real-life examples – it’s now our go-to guide for story-driven marketing.

David Usher, Musician and Author of Let the Elephants Run

David Usher, Musician and Author of Let the Elephants Run

In a world that where information and endless content overwhelm us daily, it is the power of story that allows us to cut through the noise. Mark’s book is a fantastic roadmap that details how to create and use story across mediums and platforms. Storytelling for Startups is essential reading for any company that wants to get noticed in a digital age.

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About the Author

Hi. I’m Mark Evans.

I decided to write Storytelling for Startups after running into too many startups and fast-growing business that had great products but didn’t tell stories that engaged consumers or drive their businesses.

I’ve been telling stories as a newspaper reporter, entrepreneur, and startup marketing consultant. It’s what I know; it’s what you need to know in a world where people are multitasking and distracted.

Storytelling for Startups is a strategic and tactical guidebook so you can create your own stories, or hire the right people to do it for you.

The book is designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking to establish a competitive edge. You should read it.

Storytelling for Startups reflects the work I have done with dozens of clients since launching my consulting business in 2008.

When not working with clients, I write a blog about startup marketing, as well as Canada’s leading startup and marketing newsletter.

In an attempt to have work/life balance and sanity, I play hockey several times a week.

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