Famous Canadian Start-ups

Canada is the home to famous start-ups that have made a fortune and reached millions with their services and products. Top start-ups operate across a broad range of industries and specialize in new technologies, artificial intelligence, network management, cloud-based platforms, and other advanced solutions and services.


Specializing in event management, Eventbase offers mobile applications for conferences, festivals, trade shows, corporate meetings, and enterprise events. There are solutions to manage details such as session times, speaker bios, and floor plans, send messages about product demos and exhibitions, and encourage participants to visit the booths of sponsors. Mobile apps integrate advanced features such as proximity beacons, recommendation engines, and chatbots to facilitate engagement, provide event support, and customize recommendations.


Dialogue features a telemedicine platform that allows patients to connect with mental health professionals, doctors, and nurses and get a referral for specialized treatment. This platform is designed to solve non-urgent cases and decrease stress levels for employees. They also benefit from mental health services such as return-to-work planning, CBT psychotherapy, and screening for mental health problems and stress.

Instant Financial

This company features a platform for instant payments that allows employees and workers to receive their daily wage after every shift. This is a good solution for companies operating in industries such as healthcare, construction, manufacturing, retail, and hospitality. Benefits for employees include daily income stream, access to ATMs free of charge, and the option to transfer money to a bank account. Businesses also enjoy multiple benefits such as reduced turnover and improved work performance.


Also specializing in the field of financing, wealth management, and insurance, Planswell offers financial advice and features insurance, investment, and mortgage deals. With a team of product managers, engineers, software developers, marketing coordinators, and finance experts, the company offers access to competitive mortgage and insurance rates, low investment fees, and free detailed financial plans. Planswell also offers advice on how to repay and refinance debt such as lines of credit, loans, and credit cards. Customers are also offered access to joint and individual investment accounts such as RESP, TFSA, RRSP, registered retirement income fund, and locked-in retirement account.


This company features a platform for customer access and identity management that enables businesses to connect with customers. The platform offers multiple benefits such as cross-selling and upselling, increased retention, and improved conversion. The customer management feature helps businesses access data such as customer service, preferences, purchasing history, profile details, and contact information. Certain actions can be performed to assist customers, including information updates, triggering password reset and verification emails, and more.


Coinsquare is a major Canadian platform for trading cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin. To trade digital currencies, customers are asked to sign in, get verified, and add funds to their account. They can choose from different currencies such as digital currencies, euros, and dollars.

Kira Systems

Specializing in artificial intelligence, Kira System features advanced machine learning software that analyzes, extracts, and identifies text. The software helps extract lease terms, track and extract contract terms, and complete audit reviews. The software is also a useful tool for knowledge and project management, regulatory compliance, and due diligence.


This start-up features an interactive platform that helps lecturers engage students in the learning process by using laptops and other devices for simulations, polls, and quizzes. Lecturers can share student answers in different ways, including heat maps, word clouds, and visual graphs. They can also choose from a variety of question styles, including sorting, click-on-target, matching, numeric answer, word answer, multiple choice.

Other Canadian start-ups that top the list are Deep Genomics (genetics), Inkbox (biotechnology), Finn AI (artificial intelligence), and Uberflip (marketing automation). Other successful start-ups specialize across sectors such as retail technology, real estate, food and beverage, point of sale, and energy management.

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Ideas for Starting a Small Business in Canada

There are plenty of good ideas to start a small, profitable business in Canada, from delivery and residential cleaning services to yoga instruction and event planning.

Cleaning Services

What you need to start a professional cleaning service is industry-grade supplies, detergents, and equipment. Cleaning services can be offered on a monthly, weekly, daily, or one-off basis. Another option is to offer specialized services such as blind, carpet, office, or after builders cleaning. Once you have a list of services to offer, it is time to advertise your business and find customers. There are different options to advertise your services and find customers such as posting flyers in residential neighborhoods or around office buildings, handing out business cards, starting a website or Facebook page, etc. You may also offer discounts, coupons, and subscription plans to attract customers.

Delivery Services

To start a delivery business, you will need a vehicle, driver’s license, good driving skills, and familiarity with the area where goods will be delivered. A clean driving record is a must. It is also important to have a suitable vehicle if you plan to deliver large-size items, for example, a pickup truck, box truck, or cargo van. Make sure that the vehicle is fuel-efficient, especially if you plan to cover a large area. A car or SUV can be a good choice for small parcel delivery but again, fuel efficiency is an important consideration. The next step is to contact potential customers such as dry cleaning services, law firms, financial institutions, restaurants, and grocery stores.

Event Planning

This is also a good idea for a small business, especially if you consider yourself a creative and organized person who is capable of multitasking and meeting deadlines. You can specialize in different kinds of events such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, seminars, festivals, etc. Other types of events for which professional presentation is important include trade shows, networking events, press conferences, and opening ceremonies. You can also offer event planning services for trade fairs, VIP events, theme parties, and product launches. Depending on the kinds of events you specialize in, potential clients include government agencies, non-profit organizations, hotels, businesses, academic institutions, and individual customers.

Yoga Instruction

To open a yoga studio, you need to find a place in a high-traffic location and advertise your business. You may need equipment for your studio as well, depending on the type of yoga you practice /bikram, vinyasa, ashtanga, restorative, yin yoga, etc./ Good teaching skills and yoga expertise are obviously a must. Running a yoga studio is not only about teaching classes, however. It is also about cleaning mats, scheduling classes and events, advertising, and other organizational activities.

There are other good ideas to start and run a small business such as freight brokerage, financial consulting, marketing copy writing, graphic design, and landscaping. It all depends on the set of skills and strengths that you have to make your business idea marketable, whether good organizational or presentation skills, creativity, or logical thinking. Mastering essential business skills is also important if you want to run a successful business. The set of business skills to focus on includes project planning and management, negotiation and communication, marketing, financial management, networking, and problem solving.