Storytelling Workshops

Looking for strategic and tactical insight into how to embrace the power of storytelling? Need guidance on how to use storytelling to gain a competitive advantage?

I offer half-day and full-day workshops focused on the value and benefits of storytelling, and how your company can use stories to connect with target audiences and outflank rivals by creating narratives that engage, educate and entertain.

My workshops put the spotlight on best practices, real-world examples of compelling brand storytelling, tools, and interactive exercises. Some of the areas covered include:

  • Why storytelling has become a competitive necessity.
  • The benefits and value of storytelling
  • The basics of a storytelling strategy
  • How to get going with storytelling – best practices, strategy, and tactics
  • Example of great storytelling entrepreneurs
  • Who should tell your stories (e.g. founders, employees, customers, PR, influencers)
  • Guidance and insight into how to create your own stories, or be able to oversee the storytelling process.

Who should attend?
– Marketing managers
– Marketing coordinators
– Marketing teams
– Entrepreneurs and startups

For insight into the content of my storytelling workshop, here’s a presentation I recently did at MaRS.

To learn more about my works, send an email to, call me at 416-669-7028 or fill out the form.

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